The pig iron, ferroalloy and ingot casting machines built by Economy Industrial Corporation incorporate features offered by no other supplier to improve yield, reduce operating cost, and simplify maintenance.


Economy Industrial is committed to designing and building the world’s most reliable and economical pig casting machines and has conducted an on-going program of product development to build upon its eighty year’s experience in designing casting machines for the world’s metal producers.


Some of the specific “state-of-the-art” design features include :

  • Patented process design to increase mould life by minimising mould peak temperatures.
  • Proprietary chain design to reduce mould stress and provide for quick mould changing.
  • Proprietary automated control system to reduce operating manpower.
  • Proprietary interlock system for safety and increased equipment life.
  • Proprietary mould coating system, with self-purging and flushing provided.
  • Mould coating system designed for ease of maintenance.
  • Automation of mould coating mixing and application.
  • Dual sticker ejection system.
  • Proprietary automated atomised water spray cooling system.
  • Proprietary closed-loop water system to eliminate fluid discharge to drains.
  • Ergonomic operator’s control console design incorporating caster and tilter controls.
  • Proprietary mould filling design to maximise yield.
  • Proprietary ladle tilt control for improved pouring control.
  • Proven reliability in demanding merchant metal applications for over eighty years.